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- Follow the steps and it should tell you that your product has been reactivated. I think these are the same instructions that were emailed to me from Office's Tech Support a couple of months ago.- Go online and you should have no problem udating your products. They worked backed then, but I had since lost the printed message before I last was forced to format the HDD (to clean out what might have been a deep rootkit hack) and reinstall Win XP Pro.However, I will get started now with updating Office from a Service Pack 2 CD that I have.And I'll later try again with the Windows Update to get further updates.Bob Since I recently reinstalled Office XP Pro, I have been able to access some updates on the Windows Updates page.But because Office said, once it was setup, that it was already activated, I haven't been able to open the Activation Wizard.

So I then tried to run the basic Win XP Pro update.

What can I do now to confirm the validity of my license for Office XP enough so that I can access and collect all of its updates?

-David I no longer have any actual card that came with Office, but I've only got the Product Key written on a Post-It Note that is taped onto the main disk's jewel case. What is the phone number for verbally activating or confirming activation of Office?

And the Windows Updates page has provided no more than 19 downloads for Office, including the Office XP Service Pack III.

Other than actually opening the Activation Wizard (which I cannot do), how else can I find the MS number for activating via phone? It worked for me after I ripped my hair out when updating stopped working for me one day after YEARS of using Office update.


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