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Xml validating in dom parser

Even a non-validating parser has to do some relatively resource-intensive validation work.When performance is the primary goal, a compromise must be reached between performance and conformance.Depending on the content type, an It is possible to support an arbitrary transformation in an in-place parser by modifying the string contents, given an important constraint: a transformation must never increase the length of the string.

The transformations include end-of-line handling, attribute-value normalization and character reference expansion.Next, we’ll discuss the parsing process used by pugixml.The last sections will describe the data structure used by pugixml to store the document object model and the algorithm used by pugixml to allocate memory for this data structure.The goal of a document–and produce a tree of objects that represents the same document in memory.A parser typically consists of two stages: a lexer and a parser.Avoiding the copy operation allows us to eliminate both sources of overhead.Using a technique known as in-place (or ) parsing, the parser can use data from the stream directly. A basic in-place parser takes an input string stored in a contiguous memory buffer, scans the string as a character stream, and creates the necessary tree structure.In-place parsing is usually faster compared to parsing with copying strings to the heap, but it can consume more memory.An in-place parser needs to hold the original stream in memory in addition to its own data describing the document’s structure.Fortunately, all of the above transformations satisfy this requirement.Eliminating string copies is not the only thing we can do to optimize parser performance.


  1. Last September, David Brownell conducted a review of XML parsers for XML.com, testing them for conformance to the XML 1.0 specification.

  2. What is XML Parsers? XML parsers are libraries used for checking and validating XML document schema. DOM Parser. DOM Document Object Model provides a programming.

  3. Parsing XML at the Speed of Light. Even a non-validating parser has to do some relatively. Data structures for the document object model. An XML document is a.

  4. This tutorial explains how to perform XML Schema validation with the Java DOM parser.

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