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Sebab, pernikahan adalah sesuatu yang sakral dan harus mengantongi restu dari banyak pihak.

I was so And I didn't want to open my mouth too wide. I tried to act sexy and compliment him on his excellent observational skills but bumped into my water glass instead.

I stalked him on Facebook a few weeks later and it seems he found himself an average looking girl to compete with his shine - oh well, I'm sure they will take on the world together.

I, however, have since vowed to work on my self-confidence, because I never want to feel that way again!

So I excused myself and quickly stole away to the ladies room to check my face. I would just have to try and keep my teeth from showing.

I dug deep into my purse to find the lipstick I wore on Halloween as Betty Boop and started to apply. He can't think I have yellowed Lindsay Lohan teeth, or he'll never want to kiss me!


  1. Image source Pacar kamu sudah mulai enggak terlalu sering main sama teman-temannya. Padahal dulu dia selalu menyempatkan akhir pekan untuk ngumpu sama teman-temannya. Bahkan dia pun hampir enggak begitu peduli sama kamu. Tapi lambat laun intensitas.

  2. Email wwwdatingguidecom@Facebook wwwdatingguide Twitter @wwwdatingguide YouTube wwwdatingguide Google+ Dating Guide, Cindi.

  3. Apr 17, 2015. Dating Guide · @WWWDATINGGUIDE. I've scoured the world of online dating & assessed A LOT of sites. I also consider myself a dating guru! Oh, and my name is Cindi! Worldwide. Joined November 2012.

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