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Relative URLs simply omit the parts of the URL which are the same as for the document including the link, such as the of the document (when linking to the same document), etc. The links are generally provided as URLs, and can be in relative or absolute form. Components other than the reflector 108 and the repeaters 104a, 104b, etc., may be implemented using commonly available software programs. These components might be loosely integrated based on the use of extension mechanisms (such as so-called add-in modules) or tightly integrated by modifying the service component specifically to support the repeaters. For example, in an on-line legal research system, each case may be presented as a hypertext document. Several companies offering proxy The above and other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent upon consideration of the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which the browser such as Netscape Communications Corporation's Navigator™) or a proxy for a user agent. Several mechanisms allow for replication of databases, although there are no standard approaches for accomplishing it. Database systems are particularly difficult to replicate, as they are continually changing. It is possible to avoid the need for placing both the .

In the case of the specifically, documents can be created using a standardized form known as the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).Cost Sets are then computed using the following algorithm: has changed.Repeaters and reflectors participate in various types of log processing. For instance, a very active reflector may use many repeaters, whereas a relatively inactive reflector may use few repeaters. The two current load components are combined into a single value indicating overall current load. This assignment makes it possible to modify the service level of a given reflector. These solutions, however, are difficult and expensive to deploy and operate. The solution to the most common need, increasing capacity, is generally based on replication of hardware . The link costs of primary concern here are link costs between a Group and a and use publicly available tools (such as “traceroute”) to sample data paths. In a presently preferred implementation, this is the minimum of the sums of the costs of the links along each path between them. service provider (ISP), whether in the form of larger or additional “pipes” or channels from the ISP to the publisher's premises, or in the form of large bandwidth commitments in an ISP's remote hosting more serious bandwidth growth problems, publishers may develop more complex and costly custom solutions.A normalized cost profile is computed by finding the minimum cost in the profile, and subtracting that value from each cost in the profile.


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