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Who is lo bosworth currently dating

After their split, we were worried we may not hear from the Jonas Brothers ever again!

They certainly proved us wrong – and Nick in particular.

We brought you the hottest male actors under 30, but now we have got you a list of 25 hot actors that are pretty easy on the eye and show promise for 2017, no need to thank us!

Ansel has starred in two of our favorite films of this decade, he made us cry in “The Fault Of Our Stars” and got us on the edge of our seats in the “Divergent” series.Having a hot cast always somehow makes a great film even better.As well as being incredibly gifted, they are dreamy, multi-talented and rather handsome.The charming actor and DJ has got many projects coming up including two upcoming film releases!He is trying out a new genre as they are both crime films, so you will see him in a totally different light – he is one to watch!Thanks to his breakthrough part in “War Horse”, his name is on everyone’s lips.This year, he is starring in the adaptation of the young adult novel “Fallen”, playing the dark and mysterious Daniel Grigori.The “Hunger Games” hunk’s career has gone sky-high since his success as Peeta Mellark!This actor is always complimented by his co-stars as being a sweet and hard-working guy, and this has paid off through his numerous awards and offers.“Hunger Games” is where the eye candy seems to all be at!The Canadian actor played Cato in the films, and has also starred in Adam Sandler-produced movie, “Grown Ups 2”.


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