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In fact they can be run anywhere with network access to the Redis server. At Git Hub we use Resque to process the following types of jobs: As of writing we have about 35 different types of background jobs.Keep in mind that you don't need a web app to use Resque - we just mention "foreground" and "background" because they make conceptual sense.That is, it won't be able to find and run your jobs - it needs to load your application into memory.

It then starts up again - loading your entire application environment.Your existing classes can easily be converted to background jobs or you can create new classes specifically to do work. Resque is heavily inspired by Delayed Job (which rocks) and comprises three parts: Resque workers can be distributed between multiple machines, support priorities, are resilient to memory bloat / "leaks," are optimized for REE (but work on MRI and JRuby), tell you what they're doing, and expect failure.Resque queues are persistent; support constant time, atomic push and pop (thanks to Redis); provide visibility into their contents; and store jobs as simple JSON packages.Site(s) that allow you to import and subscribe to your h Card user profile when signing-up.. See subscribe-to-hcard for more notes on implementing subscribing to a user's h Card to automatically update their profile information.Site(s) that allow you to import your h Card user profile to sign-up. Want to implement h Card on your site so you can list it here?Use the BACKGROUND option so that rake will return as soon as the worker is started.This will spawn five Resque workers, each in its own process.Please also consider implementing h Card XFN friends lists.See h Card supporting user profiles issues for issues, problems with implementations.Resque (pronounced like "rescue") is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later.Background jobs can be any Ruby class or module that responds to .


  1. Dec 4, 2015. Jeremy and Kay Weber Taylor '49. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wenning. Debbie Wernke Wanstrath '67. Molly Wilder '11. Memory of Julia Horninger '11. Bill and Jacqueline Ascolese Fiore '79. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horninger. Dr. Randy Listerman. In Honor of Tom and Mary Horninger. Dr. Randy Listerman.

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