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Also, have you tried running 'Malwarebytes, just in case you have any malware ? Download the free version, install, update, then do a full scan. As you haven't used your laptop for so long, have you done a manual 'Windows Update' since you started it up again.

Then, it always comes back with something like "unable to load all the updates" so I keep doing that. I've tried to download the Malware bytes but, now that I think of it, everything I try to download will download about 3 % then it will seem to "hang up" and acts like it won't download anymore.

To perform manual updates or configure update settings, refer to the following sections: To manually update Virus Definitions, follow these steps: section is for users who connect to the internet through a proxy server.

This section allows you to adjust your proxy settings to avoid issues with downloading virus definitions and program updates.

By default, Avast Antivirus is set to update the Virus definitions and Program automatically whenever a new version is available.

We strongly recommend you keep automatic updates enabled.

I have one user on the network I am running whose Virus Definition File date will not update.

Start the database update process by clicking on the "Check Now" link on the Home pane.

When you first started up your computer after not using it in a long time, did you try rebooting your modem and router and then start up your computer again so that you can get a new ip and a fresh connection. Are you connected wirelessly or wired on the machine you are having difficulty with? Was N360 3 installed over top of another version, or product, or was it a clean installation?

After three tries it finally downloaded Malwarebytes. Yes, I did reboot the modem and router and have restarted several times. This is the first time, other than a manual liveupdate I just did, since the scan. I downloaded Malwarebytes from the link you provided.

What i've noticed on some of my workstations is that the 7.5 folders gets piled up with logs (sometimes 10gigs worth) and it just stops working....weird.

I am seeing a similar issue with a group of Win XP clients connecting to System Center, I have some remote clients that are on a wide range of virus defs from a few days behind to almost a full year behind yet they are connecting into the SAV server daily.


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