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Updating oyster card

Customer names and contact information associated with a registered Oyster card will be retained for two years after the card was last used or had a season ticket or pay as you go credit added.Some journey information is also stored on the Oyster card itself; this comprises the last eight journeys and related charges, up to three season ticket products, (generally the most recent three tickets, including future dated), and the last two incomplete journeys.Buy an Oyster with a Pay-as-you go credit, which you can then return when you fly back and get the remaining money back.Take a look at this question as well, it is almost a duplicate: Is the London Pass worth the price?After eight weeks, the journey data in the ticketing system is disassociated from your card (ie anonymised).This eight-week period is considered reasonable to enable customers to verify or make enquiries concerning their journeys (for example, for refund purposes).2, according to police reports, officers stopped Winnie about 6 a.m.

Unless you have a really tight schedule, and you know exactly what you want to see and make sure that all the tickets are worth more that the London Pass, then I would say it is not worth it.

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(My Oyster cards have been active since September, 2007.) It is quite possible that TFL might have more records on file for law enforcement or other purposes, but it may take special effort to acquire such records, if they exist.

https://uk/fares-and-payments/oyster/oyster-online-account is the web page for accessing your account.


  1. You can buy a visitor oyster card at stansted airport train station but why the heck should you. well only cause the card. Updating Navigation for Stack.

  2. According to the TFL site, I have a 1st generation Oyster card which I'd like to replace to take advantage of the soon the be released Oyster app. My.

  3. Answer 1 of 11 I'm curious as to how soon is the journey history available online for Oyster card usage. Is it real time? Are the records uploaded overnight to be.

  4. Nov 06, 2017 To make a card the default for Apple Pay, drag the card to the front of your credit, debit, and prepaid cards in Wallet. Use iTunes Pass.

  5. I have been using the same visitor travel/Oyster card to on TfL for several years and would like to see my full history for all my visits to London. I know there is.

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