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Updating land cover maps satellite images

Land cover has been identified as Essential Climate Variable [1].

because it constitutes a crucial information for many scientific and operational applications.

​​​​​​Land use mapping in Australia is conducted broadly at two scales: national scale and catchment scale (see figures below).

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Source: Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia – Update May 2016, ABARES 2016. Original vector based catchment scale mapping captured at ,000 scale of the same sample area near Augusta shows the boundaries and detail provided by this finer scale mapping.​ Source: .Frequent updates are therefore needed for its accurate monitoring.The reference land cover mapping product at European scale is Corine Land Cover (CLC), which offers a rich nomenclature going beyond land cover and addressing land use [2].LCM2015, like LCM2007 before it, is therefore constructed from polygons that reflect real-world boundaries.This increases both its ease of interpretation for users and also its compatibility with other geospatial data sets.Please click here for information on how to access the LCM products.A detailed and accurate knowledge of land cover is crucial for many scientific and operational applications, and as such, it has been identified as an Essential Climate Variable. This paper presents a methodology for the fully automatic production of land cover maps at country scale using high resolution optical image time series which is based on supervised classification and uses existing databases as reference data for training and validation.Some products are free of charge for non-commercial use via the CEH Environmental Information Platform (EIP) and others can be obtained following the submission of an on-line request form.Web Mapping Services (WMS) are also provided to view selected LCM products via the EIP.Catchment scale land use data is produced by combining state cadastre, public land databases, fine-scale satellite data, other land cover and use data, and information collected in the field.​Download​ national scale and catchment scale land use data for free..A sample of national scale mapping near Augusta based on data captured at approximately 1:2,500,000 scale provides insufficient detail for use in catchment scale applications.


  1. Sep 27, 2017. However, the lack of regularly updated, continental-scale, and high spatial resolution 30 m land cover data limit our ability to better understand the. In our study, we present the use of Landsat satellite observation data and GEE cloud platform to map land cover and impervious surface changes over.

  2. The CSIR-Meraka has developed a land cover classification system which used Landsat time-series and machine learning. The system can rapidly update a land cover map for a desired year from a previously produced land cover map using change detection, automated training data generation in non-change areas and.

  3. Land Cover Map 2015 LCM2015 is the latest land cover map to be produced by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. It provides land cover information for the entire UK based on the Biodiversity Action Plan BAP Broad Habitats which are widely used in monitoring and reporting on our countryside. LCM2015 has been.

  4. Images of the four Land Cover maps produced by CEH. LCM2015 is derived from satellite images and digital cartography and provides land cover information for the entire UK. Land cover is based on UK Biodiversity Action Plan Broad Habitats classes. It is used by government departments and agencies, county councils.

  5. Comparison of Air Photo and Satellite. Image Sources for Updating Land Cover and Land Use Maps. Robert F. Goodwin. William D. Hudson. Center for Remote Sensing and GIS. Michigan State University. June 2002.

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