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Updating ipod do not disconnect

To choose multiple podcasts, press and hold the "Ctrl" (Windows) or "Command" (Mac) button while clicking the files you want to download to your i Pod. Drag the selected podcasts to your i Pod Nano in the Devices section in i Tunes.

If the podcasts are organized in playlists, drag the custom playlists from the Playlists section to your i Pod in the Devices section.

And also, my i Pod won't turn on and the i Tunes won't recognize it or my computer won't charge it. So is there anyone can tell me how to unfreeze my i Pod nano, nano 1G and 6G.

So, too, the i Pod is a less-capable music-making vehicle without Apple's music player/encoder, i Tunes.I plugged my phone in and it finds a backup from many months ago, when the last actual backup was really just a month ago.I have had this plugged in for many hours, tried multiple days, and continually get the spinning circle and "Updating backup data. Do I have to wait forever for some (what appears to be) outdated backup to be updated? Please try the steps in the article below, and you should first try creating a new backup in i Explorer and then try in i Tunes directly which is explained in the article: Why is my Backup data not appearing?When you download podcasts to your i Tunes library, you can upload them to your i Pod Nano in a variety of ways depending on your preference.Whether you're doing this manually or automatically, downloading your favorite podcasts to your i Pod Nano allows you to enjoy your favorite shows wherever you go. Click "Apply" to start the synchronization process. When the "i Pod sync is complete" message appears on the LCD display in i Tunes, disconnect your i Pod. Select the podcasts you want to upload to your i Pod.The two—like coffee and cream, dill and pickle, and Fred and Ginger—were simply meant for each other.To best understand what makes the i Pod's world turn, you must be familiar with how it and i Tunes work together to move music (and pictures, in the case of color i Pods) on and off your i Pod. Apple intended the process of converting the music on an audio CD to computer data to be painless, and it is.Many users connect their i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod to a computer for syncing with i Tunes.When syncing and i Tunes usage is finished, users may or may not want to eject the i OS device, depending on their intended usage.ITunes has a large library of podcasts grouped in episodes you can download to your i Pod Nano.Podcasts generally follow a radio-show format and come in a variety of genres.


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