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During the process, if you come across any situation like Outlook 2010 PST file corruption or don't have a backup of Outlook 2010 PST file data, you can make use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair software.

Outlook 2010 PST File Repair Software: Yodot Outlook PST Repair is competent tool well-organized with superior modules and advanced algorithms, which helps to resolve issues when Outlook inbox not updating automatically on Windows computer.

In addition, this utility is flexible to operate on laptop or desktop installed with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 20 operating systems.

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Along with repairing PST file when Outlook not receiving emails automatically in 2010, one can also fix PST file after Outlook 2010 failed to update headers error, Outlook synchronization error, MAPI was unable to load error and other logical errors in Outlook 2010.Well this was a very well known issue as the title explains but in my case, the "updating inbox 3.99GB" keeps on repeating to the same state.No new mail activities or even download progress on Inbox, but the other folders at least updating upon selecting.As a basic remedy Outlook 2010 users can go as per following instructions: First, go to Send/Receive tab on Outlook ribbon bar; select Send/Receive Groups - click on Define Send/Receive Groups… Then tick on Schedule an automatic send/receive entry and specify the time limit.After enabling automatic schedule option, if Outlook fails to update inbox folder automatically, then try next technique and check the outcome.I can see about 23K mails when I check the synchronization through the inbox properties.And somehow, it had updated up to 15K and now nothing happens. It appears like what @RDrast has already pointed out.Download the free trial of the software and evaluate the chances of recovery.Since upgrading to ME Connector v2.73, Outlook now periodically opens a window displaying "Updating Inbox" which displays for 2-3 seconds then disappears.I have to replace a users' hardware but after setting up Outlook to connect to Exchange, updating just never starts.Our Exchange box is at HO and we connecting with 1,5 Mb lease line MPLS. What is the prefered method to download email from large mailbox if Exchange is not LAN.


  1. If you ever used Microsoft Office Outlook as your e-mail client in your personal computer, you might have noticed some delay in the time it takes your incoming mail to arrive compared to when using web based services such as Yahoo/Gmail/that typically auto update your inbox entries whenever new email hits.

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