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Updating home hub

model 1,2,3,4 or 5), those routers by default allocate DHCP addresses in the range to

You would therefore choose a new IP address outside of that range. Under “DHCP Server“, set the “Enable:” radio button to “No“. You should see a message at the very bottom: “Changes applied”.

You are not required to access or modify it in any way, except when running a cable at the end of the process. Start with the Home Hub not connected to anything except its power supply. Locate the recessed “Reset” button on the rear, towards the right hand side.

Using a paper clip or similar, hold down the Reset button 20 seconds or so. After about 20 seconds it will begin to blink, then turn solid blue for 15 seconds, then flashing amber for 15 seconds, before settling to solid amber. Home Hub 1.0 users: Press the “Wireless” button on the back of the Home Hub 1 and hold it down for 15 seconds.

This post explains how to convert an old BT Home Hub 5.0 or Home Hub 4.0 into a second wireless access point (“AP”) on your network, strengthening and extending the wireless signal around your home or office.

Although the details are for those routers, the basic procedure works for other BT and perhaps non-BT routers.

And finally, running an ethernet cable between the old Home Hub and your managing router.Your PC should then receive an IP address from the Home Hub, via DHCP. Home Hub 3.0 users: You should see the Hub’s “Please Reset your Password” page. Note: Some Firefox users have reported seeing Java Script errors at this point – switching to the Chrome browser fixed it for Ed Iglehart, see his coment below.(If you are curious to know, this address will probably be The Settings page appears, with a message beginning ““. It can be found on the Hub’s white (detachable) panel, labelled “Admin Password for Hub Manager”. Enter the admin password located on the pull-out tab of the Home Hub 3.0, as directed. Also enter a new admin password where indicated, and enter it again to confirm. Finally, click the “Change Password and open Hub Manager” button. Home Hub 1 users: Instead of the admin password, you must enter the serial number found on the back of the Hub, as directed by the web page. Then click the “Change Password and open Hub Manager” button. Note: A couple of people have complained of not being able to surf to the hub at all.Don’t worry, this is expected because you just changed the Hub’s IP address. The Hub’s home page should load again, proving that the new IP address works. For example if your other network devices are addressed like 192.168.1.something, choose Following the same background notes as for the Hume Hub 3 above, your new address should most likely be your PC’s browser, surf to the new IP address of the Hub, ie. Therefore, change “” to “” and then click the “Apply” button. Don’t worry, this is expected because you just changed the Hub’s IP address. The Hub’s home page should load again, proving that the new IP address works.I would recommend, but you could also use, (or 61, or 60, …). Click “Apply” and then answer “Yes” on the “Are you sure? Proceed to the next section for connecting your Hub to the wired network.After you have entered the new IP address for the Hub, click the “Apply” button and answer “Yes” to the “Are you sure? You will then see an error message about the page failing to load, or it will not load properly. Click “Edit” next to the address that matches the rest of your network.Resetting the Home Hub to factory defaults will clear out old settings that might otherwise prevent this procedure from working.For example, it will deactivate the “BT Fon” feature, also known as “BT Wi-Fi”.Connect a spare Ethernet cable from your PC directly to the Home Hub.Use any of the Hub’s Ethernet ports (they are coloured yellow).


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