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Updating datasource using dataadapter

The SQL data provider is specially designed to work against Microsoft SQL Server and is highly optimized for such data access. You'll pass this connection string as a parameter to the constructor of the Sql Connection class as shown in the following code namespace "System. "database=Northwind;"; # Initialize connection object # and open connection to database my $conn = Sql Connection-Now the connection is open and you are free to perform different database operations such as querying tables, updating rows, inserting new records, and so forth. After you're done it's a good idea to perform some clean up. Database engines such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are the ultimate solution for storing information and providing easy access to the data and different optimizations for better performance. NET classes assist in retrieving data from numerous different data sources. The SQL data provider is specially designed to work against Microsoft SQL Server and is highly optimized for such data access. The corresponding namespace for an OLE DB data provider is System. We'll work against the Northwind database, which Microsoft supplies SQL Server. Sql Client"; use Perl NET qw(enum); # Initialize connection string my $connstr = "server=localhost;uid=sa;pwd=;" .In case the query is multi-row or multi-column, the method will return the value from the first row and first column.Suppose that you'd like to count the number of orders that are handled by employees from the UK.

In line 17 you run the query and obtain the results storing them in the $reader variable. You'll call the Read method of the Sql Data Reader class to fetch first record.

Here is the corresponding SQL statement that queries the Orders and Employees tables: This method is suitable for situations when your SQL statement or stored procedure doesn't return any values.

For example, you may use this method to execute INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE SQL statements.

For example: To run the command you should invoke one of the executing methods on the Sql Command object: Execute Reader Execute Scalar Execute Non Query This method returns the Sql Data Reader class instance that allows iterating through the returned records in the forward-only manner.

Hence, Execute Reader is suitable for running SQL statements or stored procedures that perform SELECT queries.


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