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Updating cs3

It assumes a separation of the Model into a View Model and an Application Model) This abstraction allows you to switch between different types of “Services” or “Stores” without any consequences for the code that tries to access that Store or Services.

Abstraction of rendering method The second thing Backbone does is an abstraction of the actual rendering process.

To minimize all coding, we try to cut away as much boilerplate code as possible.

We are faced with several “challenges” of which the most important one is: how do we know which input field belongs to what variable in our Java Script object?

Converting the Template to an object that Underscore can handle happens as follows: Where Template HTML contains a String with the template “code”.

Within Underscore you can either inject the object immediately, when processing the text-based Template code, or use the processed template to inject the object later. One way binding, no specific pattern and no event model Underscore only provides binding in one direction: injecting your data into your template and delivering the end result as clear text.

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Before we go into other elements, let’s take a look at how the values from the fields in the form are read. As said before: we retrieve and use the name of the HTML object to find the (matching) name of the Represented variable in the Java Script object.And this is a very important part to the design of Backbone itself.When data gets loaded or updated (by another source), Backbone provides the pattern to activate the rendering process.Dead objects How we deal with dead objects (ones we do not need anymore) is beyond the scope of this article.The code A vasic Object Store is quite simple in Java Script. Note that we do not check whether the object already exists. You take a template (a snippet of HTML code), “inject” a Java Script object into that template and get your pre-processed HTML as a result. The moment you want to start a dialog with the user, however, you will have to find some way to get input from that user back into some Java Script Object and (if wanted and needed) back to the Server.Working with Knockout.js, that offers two-way data binding by default, I felt this to be a perfect challenge to pick up: “can I build a very simple and straight forward solution that allows for 2-way data binding without any boilerplate code?“Web2.0” and abstraction of services/stores Backbone.s itself offers a set of tools that increases the ease of programming when you start building “Web2.0” type of sites, using Web API’s to deliver raw XML or JSON data instead of pre-formatted HTML.It abstracts the “Services” part (see a little bit about the: Model, View, Controller, Service/Store pattern here.” After some basic introduction I will talk about two ways of data-binding, only showing the first version: using j Query, the “class” attribute and an Object Store.You can skip the intro ans scroll to the images immediately if you like. I had in mind to take a deeper look at Backbone at first.


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