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Updating bcwp in ms project 2016

After a brief pause, this launches the Performance Point Dashboard Designer.

Initially, it will ask you to either create a new data source or to use an existing one.

So while I don’t actually display Resources in the report, I can use that as a hook later on in this post to build filters against – for example providing a resource pick list or automatically filtering the results based on the current user.

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Navigate to the Task Usage view and add the Baseline10Cost field to confirm.

Note that some of these links may not yet be active – but will be in the next several weeks.

Performance Point is another one of those underutilized tools in the Project Server reporting tool set.

Take a note of some of the other filter options at the same time.

You may consider using a specific value filter for future reporting requirements. Now I’ll take the same steps to create an Analytic Chart Report.


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