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Two black panthers blocking and intimidating voters

Saying that "if the roles were reversed and the "intimidation" came from Whites there would be hell to pay. Whites would be held up to the fullest letter of the law." Aside from the fact that the briefest of searches would prove otherwise I just had to add my two cents into the hypocritical piggy-bank of American gutter politics. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund reported the incident to the FBI.

I know it doesn't matter that it was a GEORGE BUSH DOJ that decided not pursue criminal charges in the case 11 days before Obama even came into office. They even admitted to the activity that amounted to voter intimidation. - On Election Day, a posse of three men in Tucson, Ariz., proved that the Wild West still lives.

Diego Bernal, a staff attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), said the trio was trying to intimidate Hispanic voters. Warden, saying harassment ''hasn't been a deterrence to voters, it's just been a nuisance.'' - Volunteer election monitors say three men with a video camera and a gun were intimidating voters at various polling stations throughout Tucson. to noon Tuesday, the men approached Hispanic voters as they attempted to enter Iglesia Bautista Kairos, 4502 S. in Precinct 25, said Diego Bernal, a lawyer with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund.

"A gun, a camera, a clipboard before you even get to the polls - if that's not voter intimidation, what is? Bernal said his group encountered the men at the Precinct 49 polling place at South 12th Avenue and West Michigan Street and began documenting the scene with their cameras. Grijalva walked into the precinct to cast his ballot. Kat Rodriguez of Derechos Humanos, who was also acting as an election observer at Iglesia Bautista, identified two of the three men as Roy Warden and Russ Dove, two anti-illegal immigration activists. Attorney's Office declined to comment about the reports.

mediamatters So now that it has been proven that it isn't some sort of "anti-White Obama conspiracy" and that the change made from Criminal to Civil happened under Bush, what will happen here on ATS? Look, I don't expect this to come up on FOX news but for those members here that have lamented on and on about fairness and justice, I have to wonder if you will be equally as outraged by this even more blatant attempt at voter intimidation since you expect me to believe you actually care about justice, honor, and freedom?

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removing such things as affirmative action, BET, NAACP, KKK, arian nation, and black panthers completely from the scene is just as necessary a step to the end of racism as education and open discussion.

True equality must be strived for by all peoples from all backgrounds. while thier intentions are of a positive nature, their very existance continues to draw the line and identify segregation.

especially in todays society where the gray line between white black yellow red green etc; is becoming ever so large.

racism will only truly end when we identify the difference between making a blanket negativism based upon race, and making factual statements that pertain to an ethinicity, whether negative or positive.

also, a magor component in the continuance of true racism in todays society can be identified as the very tinstitutions that were initially intended to further civil rights and equality in the past.


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