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Tripoli libya dating

Christians were fleeing for fear of their lives, he said.

“The whole crisis started because of a Christian man was dating a Muslim woman for some time and when this became known, the Christian community asked this man to leave the village.

The British consulate was said to have transported 140 archaeological artifacts from Benghazi and Tokra alone, and 30 chests (or boxes) laden with archaeological treasures from Tripoli were sent to the British Museum in London.

The English consul “George Dennis” and vice-consul “Wood” were mentioned in the report.

But the biggest archaeological heist of the time was the theft of 380 archaeological pieces in 1847, sent by Deputy Consul “De Borvil”, to the French Library, before they ended up in the Louvre Museum.

The artifacts included 32 Leptis columns, pottery pieces, statues, engravings (including one of the Berber Princess Bernice), and even wall frescoes that were hacked off with saws, just like modern travellers recently did cut cave paintings off the rocks of the Sahara (as reported by Henri Lhote and others).

The following section is based on a report by Professor Khaled Muhammed Alhadar (followed up by Tareq Assanousi and Saleh Atawati), a member of the teaching board at Gar Yunes University, in Benghazi, Libya.

“It is my responsibility to keep the Christian presence here,” Fr.Similarly, Yousef Pasha sent 40 columns from Leptis Magna to Windsor Castle as a mere gesture of generosity. A few years later, another pact was granted to Turkey to furnish its empty museum in Istanbul with Libyan antiquities including 13 rock engravings that were hacked-off the wall of the Ghirza temples – the pre-Roman Berber settlement in the pre-desert.Consular staff too were reportedly implicated in the business, as they funded explorers and grave-diggers to hunt for rare items.First published in The Church of England Newspaper.The Anglican flag remains flying in Tripoli, the Bishop of Egypt reports, in the midst of the revolution to oust Col. On March 13, Bishop Mouneer Anis of Egypt reported that the Rev.Mary was given to the Anglican Diocese of Egypt by Col. Gaddafi to power, the Christian churches of Libya, including the Anglican Church in Tripoli were confiscated.Overtime the mercurial Libyan strongman would return properties to the Roman Catholic Church and in 2008 refurbished St Mary’s in the old city or medina of Tripoli and gave it to the diocese.Meanwhile, the situation in Egypt was equally grim, Bishop Mouneer reported, with anti-Christian riots breaking out for the first time in a generation.Writing from Cairo, the bishop reported there had been an attack on a Coptic Church south of Cairo and clashes between Copts and Muslims in Mokattam.The economy was “going down-hill because of the many demonstrations and the cessation of work in many factories and companies. This has resulted in severe unemployment and subsequent poverty.Last week, the Diocese helped 870 poor families with food packages,” the bishop said. Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Aid, commented that Egypt’s Christians were “reeling from this barrage of assaults that are coming from all angles.


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