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Tfs workspace not updating

It uses clever data compression, essentially recording just changes on each pin, rather than the state of each pin at every clock.

When I bought this unit it had no serial decoding capabilities.

I did get a surprise one day when the supply tripped for apparently no reason. This is a 100 MHz USB MSO with two analog channels, eight digital channels (nine if you include the external trigger which can be displayed along with the other digital channels), and 4 mega-points of memory.

Turned out an unused supply was current limited to 0.000 A. Chris Svec also has a GW Instek power supply: I have a GW Instek dual output power supply which is just okay - it's got a loud fan that runs all the time, and the voltage output seems to drift a bit, but that could be because I nudge the sloppy control dials unknowingly. The sampling rate is 100 MSa/sec (one-shot = 10 MHz) which is more than enough for the embedded work I do.

Graham Whaley writes: On a similar vein to the LOGIC little logic analyser, I surveyed the market for small cheap units a few years back, and we decided on the from Intronix It is a 34 channel logic analyser that uses time compression to store samples in its rather small buffer, so if you have a slow moving signal you can get quite long traces.

It will also go up to 200MHz external clocked, or 500MHz internally clocked.


  1. Aug 29, 2008 Recently I migrated from CruiseControl to Hudson as our CI build server. One thing I found lacking in Hudson was to send rich text email containing.

  2. My variables in workspace are updated but not. Anyone know how to resolve this data "From Workspace" not updating. and when variables in workspace.

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