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We'd scan for errors, fix the errors and scan again only to find even more errors.

Sometimes system repair software is designed to make you think its finding more errors than it actually finds, increasing the feeling that it’s really fixing your computer.

The best feature of System Mechanic is the ease of use, which received an A in our comparison.

The interface is easy to navigate, the help section is easy to find, every tool has explanations, and the errors have priority levels.

However, when using the computer’s own startup manager, which is found in the control panel, we were able to achieve a 42-percent improvement.

The best part of System Mechanic startup optimizer is the user feedback.

System Mechanic improved boot-up speed by 44.08 percent, which was significant.However, it's worth noting that even the 12.62 percent improvement is too little in most areas for it to be noticeable.In fact, our test computer ranked in the bottom 12 percent of computers in the PCMark 8 tests both before and after optimization.Each tool is designed to optimize and maintain your computer's performance, and the interface facilitates this in one easy-to-use app.In our tests, System Mechanic was among the best-performing PC cleaners, but the design is where it stands out, which is why it's our pick for easiest PC system utility.We performed multiple rounds of testing on each product to account for variables.System Mechanic's overall improvement to our test computer was 8.59 percent.Every app is rated by users on how important it is, which allows you to make an educated guess when removing apps from the startup menu.This is important because disabling some apps can have a drastic impact on overall performance, while other apps are unnecessary.The benchmarking tests looked at word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing and video chat quality.We also benchmarked the boot-up speed improvement and looked closely at the app's diagnostic consistency.


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