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Stuck at validating identity

Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.Credit Karma takes your security seriously, so before you complete registration, we’ll ask a few questions to verify your identity.As part of the process of verifying a user's identity, identity providers will ask users to provide evidence that it's really them.This might include providing details of official documents like a passport or driving licence.Building strong, sustainable security programs and training are Michelle’s security passions.Every customer needs to be verified at some stage when using Transfer Wise.

If you use this device frequently to access important data, then verifying your identity once will help Microsoft that it is indeed you, who is using the PC.

It means people won't have to send things in the post or take their documents to a counter service.

Instead, people will be able to verify their identity entirely digitally.

Clicking on the popup notification or in the Action Center will initiate the process. Under Your accounts you will see a Verify your identity on this PC link.

Click on Verify and the following window will open.


  1. Oct 10, 2014. The document checking service will initially link to the DVLA and HM Passport Office, so an identity provider will be able to use it to validate UK issued passports and driving licences from Great Britain. We will be. Now i am stuck and unable to do anything.i am on a work visa for 12 months.please help.

  2. Verify your identity. Every customer needs to be verified at some stage when using TransferWise. Part of this verification involves ID verification. You can see when we will request that you verify your ID by following this link. You can upload your document securely here. You'll need to provide a high quality photo or scan of a.

  3. Jan 10, 2017. Know something about Validating AccessToken topic? From the drop-down menu at upper right, choose Edit Details.

  4. Sep 4, 2015. It is important from a security point of view that you verify your identity on your Windows 10 PC. Verifying your identity helps you protect your data. If when accessing sensitive information from this device, if Microsoft suspects fraudulent activity, they will ask you to enter a security code which will be sent to.

  5. I'm guessing that you're each trying to remove the holds on your transactions by confirming your identity? If that's the case, regrettably the process we use to confirm identities may not work for everyone. It uses public records to ask you questions to validate your identity and sometimes that just won't cooperate. Your best bet.

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