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Despite the being cancelled by NBC, which was getting rid of its animated Saturday morning lineup to allow for more news programming, Hanna-Barbera would animate the characters one last time in a drug abuse prevention special with other popular Saturday morning shows.A handful of Smurfs, along with Papa, Hefty and Brainy, with a quick cameo from Harmony in the comic book lying on the floor, appeared in a limited amount of appearance under the orders of Smurfs' creator Pierre "Peyo" Culliford.Insbesondere Familie Feuerstein hatte eine hohe Einschaltquote.Die Folge „The Blessed Event“, Erstausstrahlung in den USA am 22.

Um genügend Kapital zum Produzieren ihrer Zeichentrickfilme zu bekommen, machte Hanna-Barbera ein Geschäft mit Screen Gems Television, einer Teilfirma von Columbia Pictures, in welchem das neue Zeichentrickstudio sein Arbeitskapital bekam und Screen Gems die Vertriebsrechte.Doing as he was told, Barbera began a two-year trip to the television screen, veering the Smurfs far from Pierre "Peyo" Culliford's 1958 creation before coming back to a familiar form. The animated series finally debuted on Saturday morning of September 12, 1981, capturing forty two percent of the audience, thus making it the most highly rated children's program in more than eight years, not to mention the highest rated program on NBC in roughly two decades.even outperformed a number of successful prime time shows in terms of viewing percentages.Other allies of the Smurfs created specifically for the animated series include Prince-turned-King Gerard, the Pussywillow Pixies, Gourdy, Marina, Selwyn and Tallulah just to name a few.Besides additional allies, supplementary antagonists such as Chlorhydris, Gargamel's godfather Lord Balthazar as well as Scruple, Gargamel's apprentice starting from around season six appeared as adversaries to the Smurfs.In terms of voices, Don Messick, Frank Welker, June Foray, Paul Winchell, Michael Bell, Alan Young, Hamilton Camp, and Charlie Adler, among others provided their vocal talents to the show.While many of Peyo's original comics such as "L'Apprenti Schtroumpf" ("The Smurf Apprentice"), "Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass" ("The Smurfs and the Howlibird") and "Le Schtroumpfissme" ("King Smurf") were adapted for the first season, Hanna-Barbera reached a point where new characters need to be introduced as well as creating original stories for the series.Johan and Pirlouit, called Peewit in English, made their television debut in the second season, becoming recurring characters as well as Bigmouth, who only made one appearance in the comics.Gargamel, Azrael, Princess Savina, the King, Dame Barbra and Homnibus made their animated appearances from the comics as well.Nachdem sie acht Oscars gewonnen hatten, schloss MGM ihre Animationsstudios 1957.Hanna und Barbera übernahmen die meisten Mitarbeiter in ihre Hanna-Barbera-Produktion. Sie entschieden sich, sich auf Fernsehzeichentrickfilme zu spezialisieren.


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