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She remained in Vienna, now as a medical student, between 19, although her student career was not uninterrupted.There are indications that in 1930, it was in order to demonstrate solidarity with the working class that she took a job in a light bulb factory, but she soon moved on, to work as a research assistant at the bacteriological institute of the Vienna University Institute for Experimental Pathology.An "invitation letter" from an English friend had persuaded the authorities to let her into the country, and supported a three-month visitor's permit, but she had no long term visa and no permission to obtain work.The invitation letter had been provided by Wilson Harris, a prominent journalist and the editor of The Spectator whom she had met the previous year while visiting London on a journalistic assignment of her own, on behalf of the "Wiener Wirtschaftswoche".At the university she passed the exams for the first stage of her degree in 1935, but Prof.Freund, the head of the university institute at which she was studying, warned her not to persist with her political activities.While her children were small she worked during the afternoons as her husband's secretary.Later, on 17 August 1942, Lili Erika Kolmer was deported to the Maly Trostenets extermination camp near Minsk, and murdered there on 21 August.

The Pearson institute was the institute's principal funder. Freund told her that as an "incorrigible communist" she would have to abandon her course.

During this time she found time to produce a short report, describing the dramatic events of March 1938 in Austria.

Wilson Harris provided an introduction to the London publisher, Michael Joseph: she published her account under the title "Austria Still Lives" in London in May 1938 under the pseudonym "Mitzi Hartmann".

Her mother's elder sister, Marie, lived at this time in Berlin and was married to a director of "British Petrol".

Relations between the sisters and their respective families were now severed.


  1. Eva Schmidt-Kolmer 25 June 1913 - 29 August 1991 was an Austrian-German physician, university teacher and social psychologist. After 1949 she became an influential researcher into early childhood in the German Democratic Republic, working at the interface between medicine and pedagogy.

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