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It’s all about how happy it’s making you, and whether your relationship is healthy or strained.“Married people seem healthier because marriage may promote health,” said Hui Liu, a Michigan State University sociologist who is an author of the study. According to Robin Simon, a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, marriage has for a long time been associated with better mental health.

Also, married people have greater psychosocial (or coping) resources than the non-married — higher self-esteem and greater mastery."At the same time, not having a spouse doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to loneliness forever. With more time at your disposal, you may have more friends to surround yourself with.

As long as some of the population is single and some are married, the debate will always go on: Is it better to be married or single?

While you could argue either side forever, there actually have been scientific studies into it.

Cardiff academic John Callacher concluded after a review of numerous European studies into the topic that, on balance, being married was probably better for you.

‘Love is a voyage of discovery, from dopamine-drenched romance to oxytocin induced attachment,’ he writes.


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