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I also enjoy playing poker, riding my motorcycle, driving cars (only if it's manual), snow boarding, wake boarding, sports of all kinds, pool parties, traveling in and out of the country, watching sports at the bars with friends and family, etc. I know what I want in life and finding myself achieving these life goals in life. I am ingenuitive, for example instead of oven mits I use two Crown Royal bags. I'm looking for someone who can appreciate my quirks or on the flip side, someone who doesn't appreciate me whatsoever and then we can just yell at each other constantly. Looking forward to returning home in early October. I, like many others here, am not looking to settle this evening or even this week but I do intend to meet new and interesting individuals who are nearby rather than leaving such things to chance and fate alone. I guess I should start off by talking about what I'm looking for on the site....... K., Dave Chapelle, or Patton Oswald, we're pretty much guaranteed to get along.

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Im looking for a man that is very mature n outgoing n got there stuff together. I am very introverted so you must be patient, but trust me I'm worth the wait. He must be encouraging, trustworthy, gentle-spirited, adventurous and caring.Really looking forward to getting back into the dating scene and meeting some new people. I am 25 years old and I have a 5 year old daughter, hers name is PJ and hers is my entire life. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you're interested! I don't think words can sum up who i am, my beliefs, my convictions, the stories that shaped my life. I work a full time job for a great hunting company.Im a metal head for life, and i do injoy trying new things.Well about me I'm tall and Im in decent shape lol well how I see anyways lol, I like doing sports, I like to laugh and have fun, I'm kinda of a nerd I like games, I'm real easy to get along with, a super nice guy, real friendly, a little open and a little shy, I don't like to argu or fighting I just want to get along with whoever I meet. I'm a fairly active guy, who enjoys getting out of the house and meeting new people, but my absolute favorite thing in the world is to go golfing. I put myself in challenging situations to see if I'll rise above. (Pie Eating Contest gone horribly wrong.) I'm very blunt but I know boundaries.But I'm a great guy just talk to me and ull find out. I live in arizona, havent dated in 4 years, i want to meet a good honest kind women that is attractive but has a great personality, i like to have fun and hate to argue and fight. I can't explain why, but whacking a little ball around till it ends in a hole is my passion haha. When I want to do something, there's not much that can get in my way. I rarely hurt people's feelings, I just leave them speechless. I am an easy going, approachable gentleman interested in someone who can not only hold an intelligent conversation, but can also let go and smile. Thought I'd give the online thing a try since I can't freaking stop hearing about it all the time, lol.Don't let my looks fool you, I'm actually a bigger nerd than I look. I pretty much have that "go with the flow" attitude. I like when a girl is into their health/fitness but I don't judge. I'm looking for someone to go on casual dates with and take time to get to know them.I like girls who are outgoing and have a good personality. If you look like Katy Perry I'll have to marry you. Would just like to explore my options and see if I can find someone to build a future with.I want a companion not someone always out with his "boys". Having been a former kindergarten teacher, I became ill and nearly lost my life.I like both indoor and outdoor activities so I would say I'm versatile. I'm one of those people who is looking for something more. I am healthy now, but my passion is still to work with children and I will accept any opportunity to do so.


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  2. Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Im a very gd lady, independent n fun person. Iam a single parent and would like to start dating.

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