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Siblings or dating

When you’re blending two families, you’re likely to be a little more on edge, and may see this natural bickering as a sign that things aren’t working.

Don’t rush to step in – instead, give them the space to sort things out for themselves sometimes.

Once you recognise this – and manage your expectations accordingly – it’s much easier to deal with any stresses that arise (I promise!

) Build a network There will definitely be times when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and want to talk.

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Braison even posted a couple of pictures to his Instagram with him and Christina looking adorable.

But merging families doesn’t have to be difficult; take a look at our 9 top tips to managing relationships between step-siblings and you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.

Accept that it’s tough This is key; you may have this idea in your head that all you have to do is meet your Mr or Mrs Right and then you can move on to the happily ever after, but it just doesn’t work like that in the real world.

Having clear rules in place that apply to the whole family can be really helpful when it comes to managing relationships between new step-siblings, as it helps them to see that everyone is being treated fairly.

If you children have a hand in putting the rules together, then they’ll feel even more invested in them.


  1. Two people who happen to be dating and also happen to look like they are siblings; generally greeted with fear and disgust. Normally they are made fun of by people who have no idea who they are but see them 'macking' on each other in public. Extra Points They dress similarly. They have similar names. They randomly.

  2. Jul 13, 2017. Shortland Street actors Luke Patrick who plays Frank Connelly and Lucy Lovegrove Sass Conelly have been spotted getting cosy, snuggling up together in.

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