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Elliott said he never touched or harmed his accuser. (page 147) He said he tried to cut off contact with her, but he went to see her at her hotel the next day when she told him she had been drugged while she was out in Miami by herself the previous night.When she recounted the events to the officers on scene, Elliott said the woman was “literally looking at me, literally started smiling and laughing.” (pages 80-81) Elliott also said that he never pushed her off of him and that the police report got it wrong. Elliott said the woman later admitted to making it up. Team owner Jerry Jones later told that the subject of Elliott and women was not discussed during the lead-up to the draft.The NFL determined Elliott had been violent in three instances that week.Elliott has denied he was ever abusive toward the woman.

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We do know Elliott wasn’t criminally charged in the case and has repeatedly denied the accusations.She said Elliott shoved her against the wall multiple times and pinned her, leaving bruises and thumbprints on her arms.In an interview from September 2016, she told Roberts that Elliott stopped when he “realizes what he’s doing, like every other time. It’s like he loses, like, all control of his self.” (page 5) In another interview from November 2016, she told league investigators that she texted Joey Bosa, Elliott’s teammate at Ohio State and former roommate, through Facebook to find a place to stay in the area and that when Elliott found out about the texts the next day, Elliott shoved her again with an “open hand,” hurting her left shoulder and chest, and threw all her belongings off the balcony of his rented apartment. (pages 21-26) She said after she checked into a hotel, a lawyer and agent for Elliott texted her because they were worried about the press finding out.The point of this article is to sort out what has been made public and piece together a timeline based on police reports, witness statements, text messages, and the NFL’s findings.Not all information related to this case is public.It took more than a year from the time Ezekiel Elliott was accused of domestic violence to the NFL handing him a six-game suspension.The details that have been made public have been confusing and ugly, and both sides have questioned the other’s credibility.We also know the woman gave a false statement to police about one allegation she made against Elliott, but that the NFL’s investigation concluded she was telling the truth about three other claims of physical violence.The Columbus, Ohio, prosecutor who did not bring charges against Elliott also believed his alleged victim but suggested he did not have the evidence to pursue charges.This was confirmed by both the woman in an audio interview and Elliott’s friend.Later, they all went to a club, The Social Room, according to Elliott’s friend in a statement.


  1. Oct 19, 2016. It permanently revoked his medical license in May, 2014, noting a documented history of sexual deviancy dating back at nearly 25 years – sometimes. For example, it is thought that incidents of sex abuse were perpetrated by Roger Hardy for over 20 years – sometimes against under-aged girls – but when.

  2. The location by county of each office is indicated, utilizing the county designations and county boundaries as they existed in area on the date Oklahoma Territory became a. Irving Lincoln 11 June 1892 Miss Victoria A. Hardy Discontinued effective 25 April 1894, mail to Chandler, Isabella Pottawatomie 15 February 1875.

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