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Kingsmoor was founded with very definite principles and purposes and the Governors have no doubt to all that it must remain an independent school.

Only by so doing can it retain its real freedom to fulfil its essential aims and, at the same time, keep that freshness of spirit which has been so notable a feature of the Kingsmoor way.

Independent schools retain their own Governing Bodies and the right to pursue the objectives and purposes for which they were founded.

They are not in receipt of grants from public funds.

These older Public Schools have been able to continue and expand their work largely because of the considerable help they have received from endowment funds built up through the years.Even if it were desired that Kingsmoor should become a maintained school it is fairly certain that the County Education Authority would not be able to take over the school as a Boarding School at the present time.The Governors would not, in any case, relish the prospect of Kingsmoor joining a large group of county Grammar Schools administered without differentiation from so remote a centre as Derby.From this small group of disinterested people the Kingsmoor Association was formed and it has continued to assist the school in various ways ever since. has kept a continuous connection with the schools work and has stimulated and supported the Headmaster and Staff by its helpful interest and counsel.Amongst the benefits conferred upon the school by the K. are: the creation of a Bursary Fund to assist necessitous cases; the provision of books and equipment; financial help by corporate efforts; individual gifts and loans free of interest; the appointment of members to sit on the Council of Governors. In spite of the continuing uphill struggle (including the Second World War) the school has steadily and surely overcome its many difficulties.In 1926, a small group of men and women, none of them wealthy, decided to open a school based on the principles set forth in this brochure.The school was opened in the house of the present headmaster at Rose Hill, Marple.The Founders want to see a considerable use of the arts and crafts, music and the drama and the development of leisure training on a wide basis.It is believed that these educative measures will have incalculable values for the children and will mean a richer culture, greater spontaneity and finer conduct. The planning of the schools life helps to train children in the art of self-government, so that besides being better citizens, they may become young people of independent mind, capable of acting with initiative and resource. The planning of the religious life of the school is to be based on the Christian Ethic, but should avoid stressing controversial doctrines or sectarian ideas.The Founders believe that both Fear and Greed are unworthy elements in the education process and that world affairs strongly prove them to be faulty instruments in Education.They desire to see order and discipline developed by methods of trust and co-operation and in an atmosphere of free and friendly relationships. The Emotional life of children needs training and regulation, since emotion is the basis of action and conduct.


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