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During these formative years, Kip’s heroes became John F. At 17, Elena was baptized into Christ the summer before her freshman year at the University of Florida on August 8, 1973. The strong characters of the Mc Keans’ children, as well as their godly upbringing, are illustrated by the fact that Olivia and Sean graduated from Harvard and Eric, though accepted at Harvard, chose to attend and then graduated from Stanford, where he served as Captain of the renowned Stanford Tennis Team.Kip and Elena met at the Crossroads Church of Christ and were married there. (Their educations were funded through the combination of the Mc Keans’ small savings, Kip’s parents, close friends of the Mc Keans, and scholarships – both academic and athletic, as well as financial aid.) Through the years, through all their individual trials, the Mc Keans remain an extremely happy and tight-knit family.All three children have married and have very successful careers.Kip and Elena are now tremendously excited to be grandparents! However, at the end of Kip’s sophomore year in high school, he became very involved in a dynamic fundamental Christian congregation in Maitland, Florida – the Asbury United Methodist Church.

From these “30 would-be-disciples,” the Spirit ignited a movement of churches known as the Boston Movement and in 1994 renamed the International Churches of Christ.Thomas Wayne Mc Kean II (May 31, 1954 – present) was named after his ancestor Thomas Mc Kean, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.(His mother nicknamed him “Kip.”) In 2003, Kip became the Evangelist for the Portland International Church of Christ.“Then Jesus turned to His disciples and said privately, ‘Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.'” The primary purposes of this exciting narration are to honor God with the truth and to encourage those who have never had the dream – or perhaps have lost it – to share in Jesus’ dream of the “evangelization of all nations in this generation.” (1 Timothy 2:3-4) Since we live in an age in which the proliferation of information is often distorted, I have sought to carefully investigate and document with first-hand accounts – including my own – the incredible story of the spread of true Christianity from the 1970’s to this very day.This unbelief ultimately resulted in their death in the desert.The second time the Spirit led the Israelites to the border of the Promised Land, the Hebrew people – having learned to rely on God in their wanderings in the desert – now succeeded to make God’s dream and promise a reality.Here he came to a deep personal faith in Christ and in the divine inspiration of the Bible.At the end of his freshman year at the University of Florida, he was invited to a college devotional sponsored by the 14th Street Church of Christ.Kip’s tenacious embrace of Jesus’ radical dream “to evangelize the nations in a generation,” his bold theological reforms, his personal warmth coupled with his charismatic and uncompromising Bible preaching, allowed the Spirit to take the Gospel from one small dying church in Boston to become almost 400 churches in 171 of the 196 nations of the world by the year 2000!Then as this noble effort was being tragically decimated in 2001, 20, God sent Kip on a rocky path of suffering and redemption.


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