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Sex chats that accept amex

American Express cards come in two formats: those issued by American Express itself, and "companion cards", which are available from most major Australian banks.

With a companion card, you'll receive an American Express card and either a Visa or Mastercard as well.

We've noted stores that do this in the table above.However, as you can see from our list, there are plenty of stores that don't.While many smaller stores might choose not to accept American Express due to the extra fees, some larger retailers don't either.However, since it operates as a single account, all points go to one program and it charges an above-average annual fee.About Lost Wallet Protector: We can assist if your wallet, keys, mobile device or passport are lost or stolen.Note that while some places don't accept American Express, they might accept Pay Pal, which is a portal that allows you to pay for goods with your credit card.In many circumstances, this includes American Express. Compare American Express cards and apply for one here.Every time a customer swipes their card, merchants are required to pay that credit card company a fee for using their service.This is known as a merchant service fee and is why some retailers require a minimum spend in order to accept credit cards. According to the RBA, as at October 2015, the average merchant service fee for American Express cards was 1.70%.Here are some well-known retailers that do not accept American Express (and don't offer Pay Pal payments to get around your card): Stephanie is the travel editor at au.On top of being an avid traveller, she's an all-round bargain hunter.


  1. These are the online shops that WILL accept your American Express card and won't charge you for it. And these are the ones that will.

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