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New York’s real estate world can be competitive, even cutthroat: everyone wants to make the right move and close the deal.

The dating scene isn’t much different, according to Meredith Schlosser, VP of Sales at Prime New York and professional “wingwoman” on the new reality series Setup Squad.

When you’re going on a date, really amp yourself up with confidence.

Be the one to lead the conversation, pick the place, ask the questions. S., and it’s flattering to be on the other end of that phone call.

The episode shows me helping him through his anxiety and doing other exercises with him outside of the bar environment, like breathing exercises and roleplaying.

The show addresses those psychological things, [and I’m] almost like a life coach. Were you ever paired with a client so socially awkward that you thought about throwing in the towel? I think that’s where my strengths come in, being aggressive and proactive.

I think everyone’s biggest fear [when dating] is to make the first step, just walking up to that person. My lesbian friends go to the bar and they just sit there twirling their straw in their drink! I don’t really try to identify sexuality as the main factor in my approach.She was looking to bring on a team [of wingmen], and she ended up hiring me to work for her.I was actually “winging” it on my own before I met her, and I had matched up a handful of couples.Though her girlfriend Randi Wishnow, a fashion designer, lives in L. while Schlosser resides in Manhattan, the two make it work beautifully despite the distance.(In fact, they were featured as one of American’s most captivating couples in GO’s February 2011 issue.) Schlosser spoke with GO’s Single in the City blogger Esther Zinn about her coaching techniques, the tricks of the dating trade, and the one thing no lesbian should ever do on a date. By night, you’re a dating coach for hapless, unlucky-in-love New Yorkers. Meredith Schlosser: I met a friend of a friend, Renee, who is the owner of the dating service company Wings, Inc.Taking control of the situation is very attractive. And don’t have such high expectations of where the date is going–just be in the moment. Bethel Gospel Radio is an internet Christian based station. Our gospel music will have a balance between South African & International artists.By the grace of God, Bethel Gospel Radio Station’s aim is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ The Most High.A native New Yorker, Schlosser employs a tough-love approach to both business and dating—and gets results, whether it’s a signed contract or convincing a shrinking violet to break out of her shell.This relationship expert has applied her successful strategies to her own life.


  1. Apr 7, 2011. series Setup Squad, dishes about the secrets to dating success. Photo by Jason DeCrew/LOGO". Prev. Meredith SchlosserPhoto by Meagan Cignoli, Next. New York's real estate world can be competitive, even cutthroat everyone wants to make the right move and close the deal.

  2. Jul 14, 2015. Are you a man and able to get a date with just about any woman you meet? If you're like most men dating, then the answer is probably no. This new information product reveals over 50 secrets to turn that answer into a yes!

  3. Would you date yourself? Many of us, like Diane and Ken, get frustrated with dead-end dates and never finding the soul mate we want. We fuss and fret and often get so caught up in our loneliness that we forget one of the real secrets to dating success Before you can find a soul mate in another person, you have to be your.

  4. The holidays often have huge romantic expectations and disappointments. If you are in a relationship or wanting to be in one, you canʼt afford to make these five common mistakes. However, if you apply the accompanying five secrets, you may instead find lasting love. Mistake #1 Hibernating for the Winter. For some.

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