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Secrets to dating an older man

You may not like these stereotypes of women, but hey, some things happen involuntarily in a guy’s mind.

[Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips for girls] The 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind If you were a guy, and hanging out with your group of guy friends, bonding over a beer, you’d find these stereotypes of girls crop up every now and then in a conversation about girls.

Well, unless of course, he just sees you as a friend.

If a guy puts you into his friend zone, he may not stereotype you into any of these women.

But to a guy, he’d think all he needs to do is take her out to dinner and buy her a gift, and she’d screw him in return.

The sad part here is that all guys speak about this girl like she’s trash. The nice girl is a sweet girl that every guy likes.

This girl usually falls straight into the friend zone because she’s too sweet, too nice and just too warm and friendly to date.She’s probably slept with half the football team or a department at work.This kind of a girl may think she’s sexually confident.She’s the friend all guys want, mostly because she’d give them the right introductions and the access to get to know other girls. This is the woman a man smooth talks and flirts with all the time.He occasionally goes out with her too, but he doesn’t really date her or fall for her.Most guys would never even dream of approaching her and would be happy just lusting after her from far away. This woman is the butt of all jokes on a guy’s night out.She’s the kind of girl only really great guys approach, and most lower mortal men see her as a sexy but snotty bitch. Ever met a girl who thinks all guys are attracted to her or trying to hit on her wherever she goes *even though you know for a fact that no guy is actually interested in her*? They crave for a guy’s attention all the time, and pretend like it’s the guy who’s actually trying to win their attention.But if a guy doesn’t see you as a friend, and considers you as a dating potential, big chances are, you’re in one of these categories in a guy’s mind.[Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind] Dating stereotypes of women Now all guys may not acknowledge this to you, but as a guy, I can tell you that subconsciously every guy has a *special* name for a girl he hopes to date or hopes to avoid dating.If you’re his friend, don’t worry, you may not find a place here.But if you’re a girl trying to get a guy’s attention, you’re definitely on this list in the guy’s mind.


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