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Article: "How's our chemistry" Se7en and Lee Da Hae's Bangkok date Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. [ 251, -27] Eating breakfast at a hotel means they obviously slept together the night before ㅋㅋ 4. [ 3,592, -99] Honestly they're not having an affair like Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo.

just shows that the true nature of Lee Da Hae isn't as high class as we think 3. [ 10, -4] They're both stars who get a ton of hate comments so maybe they can console each other and have a happy relationship~ - Source: Naver 1.

Advancing to the United States and staying in LA since last year, Se7en and Park Han Byul were witnessed dating by Korean-Americans.” In fact, sightings of Se7en & Park Han Byul dating is popping up on Korean-American sites.

Photos of the two having a meal affectionately and shopping together within LA’s Korea Town were revealed.

And Gwyneth Paltrow shared her epic Halloween costume on Instagram on Sunday, as she dressed up as her movie character Tracy- except the less lively version.

[ 24, -2] They spent a week at a hotel together~ talk about physically exhausting 5. They clearly know about his past and have decided to continue the relationship so leave them alone~ 2.

[ 22, -2] Da Hae-ya, be good to Se7en because he's going to ditch you for the massage parlor once he gets tired of you -_- but didn't she have a scandal with Lee Dong Wook before? [ 19, -5] What if Se7en went to the massage parlors in the back alleys of Bangkok after she fell asleep in their hotel... [ 2,826, -117] They're the same age but why does it feel like Lee Da Hae is older and Se7en's younger 3. [ 265, -17] I feel like as a woman, I'd be put off by a man who has a past of committing an illegal act like having sex at a massage parlor... [ 228, -13] I wonder how many other scandals Dispatch has under their sleeve right now?

She revealed that Weinstein put his hands on her suggestively and tried to lead her into his bedroom for a 'joint massage' after a meeting in his suite at The Peninsula Hotel, which had been set up by her agents at CAA.

She refused and left, confiding the experience to Brad Pitt, who later confronted Weinstein when they ran into one another, threatening to beat him.


  1. Park Han Byul reveals how park han byul reveals how she and se7en began dating and Se7en began. On March 8th, actress Park Han Byul guested on SBS's "Strong Heart.

  2. Lee Da-Hae Se7en dating news surfaced which was confirmed by the agencies of both parties. Are the stars officially a couple?

  3. If you're curious about the dating life of the two hot stars, SE7EN and Lee DaHae, you're not gonna wanna miss this episode of "Happy Together 3"! • Kpopmap

  4. K-pop singer Se7en, whose name is Choi Dong-wook, is dating Korean actress Lee Da-hae, according to Dispatch, a Korean online entertainment tabloid.

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