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Sample profile statements for online dating

My family, relatives, loved ones and friends are my treasures. I am told I am handsome and younger looking than my age.” After Dynamic Dating Profiles: My Italian born Nona lived with us most of my childhood.

My grandparents were born in Italy–I love to cook and break bread together. I had to speak Italian if I wanted something other than pasta for lunch.

She mentioned she was very organized and not very spontaneous. She received a tremendous response and is now dating regularly.

You can’t step into the octagon with a B-team profile if you want to score dates with top quality women.

My family planned lunch while we ate breakfast and dinner while we ate lunch.

Cooking and breaking bread with family and friends is heavily ingrained…. My new and old friendships are founded on sincerity, integrity, and laughter. That that he was family oriented, warm and sensitive; no need for a list of boring adjectives. I was able to communicate the importance of integrity without sounding quite so harsh or shouting.

I love to cook but my baking is a disaster waiting to happen…

I like to travel when time and budget allow but they are usually well thought out trips.


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