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Sailors only dating

Rosie looked at the notation and the illustration engraved on the table.She tearfully handed a memo to the owner, asking, "Please give Kilroy this memo if he comes back from Europe." The memo included her address in California.

In fact, she had been hastily going to the restaurant on the evening Kilroy was there, but on her way, she was involved in a traffic accident. About a month after Kilroy departed for Europe, Rosie came to the restaurant.

They promised to meet at the restaurant on the evening of the day before Kilroy's departure. He was waiting for her at the regular table in the corner of the restaurant. Kilroy in grief asked the restaurant owner for permission for one thing, and the owner, who well knew the circumstances, agreed with good grace.

Kilroy took out a rivet, his good-luck charm, from his pocket and engraved with it on the table, "Kilroy was here." Above the notation, an illustration of the cute jocular fairy was also carved.

From "Kilroy, son of here" you could easily re-phrase it into "Kilroy was here". Whenever he talked, he drew an interesting illustration of a fairy." Saying so, Kilroy began todraw the illustration of a fairy looking over a Makio Mukai, M.

D "Some people usually say that I look like a terrorist, not a doctor..." Editor's note: Question to the Vets who fought in the South Pacific - If you had met Makio coming at you with a sword or bayonet fixed, could you have guessed that he had such a good sense of humor?


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