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It was initially launched as a dating site over two years ago, the first in the "travel dating space," according to founder Brandon Wade, the relationship guru behind the sugar daddy search sites The website boasts an astonishing clientele of over 4.5 million sugar babies, sugar daddies and sugar mommas, and is active in 139 countries. They provide "no strings" (if you buy that I've got a Florida sinkhole I'd love to sell you) attached matches, thereby redefining the expectations of a perfect relationship.They even provide a mobile friendly app so that you can find an "arrangement" anywhere, anytime and on any device (how convenient), and they refer to their matches as ideal relationships because they are honest, upfront and with someone who will cater to your needs (good luck with that). But disguising sex for money with a slick and enticing website is still pay for play. In the old days he would be called a and she would be a hooker. Evidently if you package these kinds of activities as a "dating" site you're in. So hard, in fact, that a great many people are flocking to Sugar Daddy dating sites for companionship. Dating sites such as dozens just like them are taking advantage of the newest trend in dating: money for companionship.The lines are blurred, and truth be told, as long as it's between consenting adults, no children or animals involved, and no one gets hurt, I don't really care. But when you are exchanging a service for money, please DON'T call that dating.The fact is, I'm in favor of legalizing prostitution. Call it a business transaction or perhaps a gentleman's agreement (and I use the term loosely).

Mc Leod's approach ignores the possibility that maybe, the magic of Tinder is the fact that it's so lightweight.Segel has been one of the leaders of the gay mobile movement, successfully shifting existing offerings onto mobile platforms and acquiring key players, such as mobile app Jack’d which boasts a 5 million strong community, with 80% of users 18-30 years old.He also heads up the organization’s health and outreach functions, which have been recognized by the CDC as the gold standard for responsible interaction between social networks and their users.The real competitors, he thought, were existing sites like Ok Cupid and "So many competitors pop up and very quickly die, so initially I saw Tinder as another one of those," Mc Leod says. So yes, there was a moment of, ' Oh shoot.'" It became clear that the future of the dating industry was on mobile, and so, last year, Hinge launched its first mobile app, which has been growing steadily ever since.But online dating is an ugly business, even Mc Leod knows that.Have men lost all hope of finding a suitable mate the old fashion way? These websites do not encourage independence in women. What they offer is an opportunity to exchange what they have for cash, gifts, pampering, and travel.Have women lost all sense of self-worth, character and boundaries? While I admire the entrepreneurial spirit of capitalizing on the need for sex and companionship and filling that need with fancy schmancy websites and the world wide web, it is still, very simply: money for service.This year alone, Hinge has expanded to 24 new cities, and it has experienced 500 percent growth in its user base since January.The app capitalizes on the swell of activity in the mobile dating space, that began with Tinder's launch back in 2012.People aren't afraid to join Tinder, because, as Mc Leod says, they think of it as a game, and besides, everyone's a stranger, so how bad can it be?But when everyone on the app is connected to you in some way or another, signing up can become a much tougher decision.


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  2. May 10, 2016. “After more than 35,000 hits and more than 4,500 signups in just four days, we are confident that Maple Match will fulfill a clear need in the dating space,” site founder and CEO Joe Goldman told Tech Times. He added that the site aims to be operational "as soon as possible." Even Canadians – who are.

  3. Dec 11, 2014. The app capitalizes on the swell of activity in the mobile dating space, that began with Tinder's launch back in 2012. But Hinge has a unique premise it only connects users who have mutual friends on Facebook. That way, the potential matches are far more curated than they would be on Tinder, where.

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