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Rb singer joe thomas dating

CARRINGTON: That I’m in the wrong business –JOE: (laughter) I mean, to be honest – if I sell a million records, I make a ten million dollars.

It’s really difficult to push an independent record, but I have a very strong team with my partner Kedar. CARRINGTON: How much of the album did you produce yourself?

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CARRINGTON: So, what sets your music apart from the R. (laughter) When you’re in the mood to chill out with one of the young ladies that you’re in a relationship, what CD does Joe put on for “inspiration”? I like to do the bubble bath, some wine, candle light and a massage. Joe: I think that they realize that I understand them, and I talk about stuff that they want to hear.

Kelly’s, Jaheim’s, Usher’s and the other brothers out there trying to grind in traditional R&B? But there is one cd that is almost guaranteed to get you some action – Sade’s Greatest Hits. It’s the fantasy, through my music I’m taking them to a place that most of them have never been. JOE: It’s probably, “All the Things Your Man Won’t Do” because it was such a career making song for me. JOE: God Bless Him (laughter) CARRINGTON: Alright man, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me, and I’m definitely looking forward to the new CD.

It’s not a greatest hits album – it’s all brand new material, fourteen bangin’ ballads. What is it that has allowed you to maintain your status in the game for so long? It’s easy to become satisfied and stay where you feel the most comfortable, but I can’t allow myself to become complacent.

Being a song writer helps because you’re able to create your own message.


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