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Randomaccessfile updating Freefreaky sex chat lines

but my brain just is not wrapping around the what I should type & where.....

:-( Got any further explanation/demonstration of what I should be doing??

LEFT)); p.add(jbt First = new JButton("First")); p.add(jbt Next = new JButton("Next")); p.add(jbt Previous = new JButton("Previous")); p.add(jbt Last = new JButton("Last")); p.add(jbt Update = new JButton("Update")); // Add panel p and student Panel to View Panel set Layout(new Border Layout()); add(student Panel, Border Layout. SOUTH); // Register listeners jbt Action Listener(this); jbt Action Listener(this); jbt Action Listener(this); jbt Action Listener(this); jbt Action Listener(this); /** Handle navigation button actions */ public void action Performed(Action Event e) { String action Command = Action Command(); if (Source() instanceof JButton) { try { if ("First".equals(action Command)) { if (raf.length() 0) retrieve(last Pos - 2*Student.Now I need to add the update functionality to the button. // Student Records.java: Store and read data // using Random Access File import *; import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.border.*; public class Student Records extends JFrame { // Create a tabbed pane to hold two panels private JTabbed Pane jtp Student = new JTabbed Pane(); // Random access file for access the file private Random Access File raf; /** Main method */ public static void main(String[] args) { Student Records frame = new Student Records(); frame.pack(); Title("Test Random Access File"); Visible(true); /** Default constructor */ public Student Records() { // Open or create a random access file try { raf = new Random Access File("student.dat", "rw"); catch(IOException ex) { print("Error: " ex); System.exit(0); // Place buttons in the tabbed pane jtp Student.add(new Register Student(raf), "Register Student"); jtp Student.add(new View Student(raf), "View Student"); // Add the tabbed pane to the frame get Content Pane().add(jtp Student); // Register student panel class Register Student extends JPanel implements Action Listener { // Button for registering a student private JButton jbt Register; // Student information panel private Student Panel student Panel; // Random access file private Random Access File raf; public Register Student(Random Access File raf) { // Pass raf to Register Student Panel = raf; // Add student Panel and jbt Register in the panel set Layout(new Border Layout()); add(student Panel = new Student Panel(), Border Layout.Anyone have any suggestions/explanations on how to add this fnctionality or know a working example I can reference?? CENTER); add(jbt Register = new JButton("Register"), Border Layout.Hi, I'm working on an app that uses a randomaccessfile (student.dat) and I have it so it will write info to the dat file & I can search thru what I entered.....now I need to add the ability to update a record in the dat. So I need to be able to update an address change for a given record.// Student Panel.java: Panel for displaying student information import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.border.*; import *; public class Student Panel extends JPanel { JText Field jtf Name = new JText Field(32); JText Field jtf Street = new JText Field(32); JText Field jtf City = new JText Field(20); JText Field jtf State = new JText Field(2); JText Field jtf Zip = new JText Field(5); /** Construct a student panel */ public Student Panel() { // Set the panel with line border set Border(new Bevel Border(Bevel Border.RAISED)); // Panel p1 for holding labels Name, Street, and City JPanel p1 = new JPanel(); p1Layout(new Grid Layout(3, 1)); p1.add(new JLabel("Name")); p1.add(new JLabel("Street")); p1.add(new JLabel("City")); // Panel jp State for holding state JPanel jp State = new JPanel(); jp Layout(new Border Layout()); jp State.add(new JLabel("State"), Border Layout. CENTER); // Panel jp Zip for holding zip JPanel jp Zip = new JPanel(); jp Layout(new Border Layout()); jp Zip.add(new JLabel("Zip"), Border Layout. CENTER); // Panel p2 for holding jp State and jp Zip JPanel p2 = new JPanel(); p2Layout(new Border Layout()); p2.add(jp State, Border Layout. CENTER); // Panel p3 for holding jtf City and p2 JPanel p3 = new JPanel(); p3Layout(new Border Layout()); p3.add(jtf City, Border Layout. EAST); // Panel p4 for holding jtf Name, jtf Street, and p3 JPanel p4 = new JPanel(); p4Layout(new Grid Layout(3, 1)); p4.add(jtf Name); p4.add(jtf Street); p4.add(p3); // Place p1 and p4 into Student Panel set Layout(new Border Layout()); add(p1, Border Layout. CENTER); /** Get student information from the text fields */ public Student get Student() { return new Student(jtf Text().trim(), jtf Text().trim(), jtf Text().trim(), jtf Text().trim(), jtf Text().trim()); /** Set student information on the text fields */ public void set Student(Student s) Student file............RECORD_SIZE); else if ("Update".equals(action Command)) { // raf.write Chars(student.dat); //HOW DO I UPDATE THE FILE????????????????catch(IOException ex) { print("Error: " ex); /** Retrieve a record at specified position */ public void retrieve(long pos) { try { raf.seek(pos); Student(raf); student Student(student); catch(IOException ex) { print("Error: " ex); // This class contains static methods for reading and writing // fixed length records class Fixed Length String IO { // Read fixed number of characters from a Data Input stream public static String read Fixed Length String(int size, Data Input in) throws IOException { char c[] = new char[size]; for (int i=0; i c[i] = Char(); return new String(c); // Write fixed number of characters (string s with padded spaces) // to a Data Output stream public static void write Fixed Length String(String s, int size, Data Output out) throws IOException Student Panel.................... The update function should then update the name field of the record. You have to change it to something like a linear search if you do. In the update function, I'd like to have the user enter an id Number of a tool and then have them enter a name which corresponds to the id number. I'd suggest you structure you code a bit different. But even if we assume that you just use fread, fwrite and the like then ask yourself what happens if you have Tool t1 = {5,12,123.0,"Some name") Tool t2= {100, 1,1234.0, "Some other name"); How can fseek work that way.


  1. Sequential Access Files, Random Access Files, Setting the Position in a File, seekg and tellg Functions Introduction to Programming Computer Science.

  2. They also do not provide a means of updating an item of data without copying the. you will learn the essentials of Java's RandomAccessFile class.

  3. I'm working on an app that uses a randomaccessfile student.dat and I have it so it will write info to the dat file & I can search thru what I entered. now I need to add the ability to update a record in the dat. The student info is just basic name & address. So I need to be able to update an address change for a given record.

  4. I have created a class that uses a RandomAccessFile. Multiple threads are accessing the class I have created. The RandomAccessFile is opened as follows

  5. I am having a problem with writing data from a text file using RandomAccessFile stream. The problem is this; I am opening a password file which is of form usernamepassword,if the username is found and the password has been modified I am taking the new password and updating the same in a.config file.

  6. Any professional application should be capable of updating itself over the internet. Even Midlets! The idea is fairly easy in that the Midlet needs to make a call to the server to check what version the latest software has, and compare that to the installed version.

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