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YOU RISK PROVOKING OTHERS TO UNSTAR IT JUST TO STOP RECEIVING EMAILS ABOUT YOUR COMMENTS. I compared scrolling on my Gmail inbox using both Firefox 3.5, Chromium and Safari. Safari is second, but scrolling responsiveness lags behind with respect my input. Not sure if this is the right place for this issue, but at home Chrome respects my mouse wheel settings (Logitech MX518 on Windows 7 RC1).

I believe almost every reply to this issue is completely misunderstanding the original meaning of this issue.This is not an issue about "laggy" or "jumpy" scrolling, or scrolling using up CPU.This is not an issue about middle clicking and being able to scroll in any direction or not scrolling with trackpads.(not yet clear whether we'll put this under a pref in Chrome) I expect smooth scrolling to be a performance killer and cpu-eater (at least) on netbooks.Please, don't implement this without a way to disable it.Then I later downloaded a Chromium developer release, and the issue had been somewhat fixed.It was able to scroll down and back up with the trackpad.If you visit this slashdot article: Arrested Notice the very long page of comments at the bottom. However, please write bug reports or suggestions here: Patrick. Just thought I'd mention that your extension works perfectly on my Linux build of Chrome (, Kubuntu 64-bit).If you scroll down through these quickly with the mouse wheel, the "smooth scrolling" effect becomes very choppy. @evryedge: You have to run Chrome with the --enable-extensions switch.Product Version : (1583) URLs (if applicable) : Other browsers tested: Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue: Safari 3: OK Firefox 3: OK IE 7: OK What steps will reproduce the problem? Scrolling feels very "laggy"/"jumpy" compared to other browsers, both while using the auto scroll and regular scroll features. In Chrome, this does not work, which significantly reduces its usability for me.


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