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Perl script for updating ip in dns mystery says online dating

For this reason, we will piggy back our DNS setup onto an account from a commercial DDNS (Dynamic DNS) company, in this case What these companies do is offer a service to people with dynamic IP addresses so that they can have a domain of their own.So that we can understand the mechanism that we are using let’s first consider how this would work if it were done ‘properly’.In real world hosting (rather than DIY hosting as we are going to attempt) dynamic DNS is not an issue.The advantages to setting this system up are that you will have your own web server which you have full control over—no quotas, no putting up with slow SSH, unlimited sub-domains and so forth.

Therefore rather than assigning each customer their own static IP address, IPs are assigned using DHCP.So the next thing to do is log into whichever domain re-seller you purchased the domain from and specify the name servers.All of these companies should have some kind of control panel or web login type of feature where these things are set up.You should now go to and set up a new account using the free service.Choose one of the domains that they offer (it doesn’t matter which one) and register two URLs to that domain.Well, there isn’t a problem apart from the fact that you have to have a domain name specified by the DDNS company and you are also likely to have to pay for a more complex service if you wish to have sub-domains and so forth.However, if you are happy to have a single site at username.for example then you need not go to all this effort!Proper hosting companies have servers with static IP addresses, so in order to host a new website they can simply add a record into their DNS configuration and then pretty much forget about it. In order to do this I would log into my 123-reg control panel and set the name servers as indicated, these name servers will then be submitted to whichever authority governs the domain. If we had a static address at home then we could solve parts of this hosting at home problem much more simply, but most people don’t.Some ISPs offer business orientated connections that allow you to pay an extra premium every month for one or more static IP addresses, but this it not what the average person has at home.In other words, each time your Internet connection goes down and comes back up again you get a new IP address.When you specify the name servers for your new domain, you have to specify two or more unique URLs.


  1. Mar 9, 2010. Script to update ip access for dynamic dns host - it allows person.*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/admin/scripts/allow_/dev/null. My perl doing exactly the same as your php, however, instead of reading a live.htaccess file, my perl read from a template instead, of course, if you.

  2. Code share. Perl Script to check GTM Wideip and its associated Pool status. Updated 09-Mar-2015•Originally posted on 07-Mar-2015 by @nesh 702 · community contributed perl devops icontrol. Problem this snippet solves This Perl script will query the status and state of Wideip and its Associated Pool and pool member.

  3. Sep 25, 2016. ddclient is actually a perl script so you can look at the code. checkip.dyndns.org80 is used to get your apparent public ip address to see whether it has changed and needs to be updated. ddclient puts out this error message when it tries to create a tcp connection to checkip.dyndns.org80 and fails.

  4. Now, in order to make sure that your dynamic DNS hostnames are always pointing to your current IP address, you need to make sure Eponym runs regularly. If you're running Windows XP or possibly 2000 or newer, go to Control Panel - Scheduled Tasks and add a new task with the command being c\perl\bin\.

  5. In the Downloads section, you can download our free IP update client for various operating systems as well as refer to our IP update protocol and advanced API.

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