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Adapted from a BBC miniseries of the same name, the American version of House Of Cards' debuted its 13-episode first series on Netflix all at once in 2013.

Kevin Spacey stars as Frank Underwood, a boundlessly ruthless politician who at the end of the second series becomes President Of The United States.

Most poignant of all was the contestant who admitted, “I played with myself all last night, trying to come up with something, but all I ended up with was this.” It was an isolated view of his scrotal sac, all puffed out to look like a brain.

I don’t have millions of dollars and an entourage, and yet I have a crazy life, a very demanding life. A Brazilian man was nice enough to attempt my suggestions like “Sugar Loaf Mountain” and “Christ of the Andes,” while another contestant volunteered an impression of Raven Symone simply by tucking his privates and putting a smirky expression on his face.

Clarkson: There were days I was taking the same journey Juliette was taking, yet I was very careful not to make her me.

I found it poetic, considering the way so many men think these days.

The political drama dropped a menacing new trailer on America's Inauguration Day, heralding the arrival of its fifth series on May 30.

Well, Clarkson finally has her first bona fide leading role in Ruba Nadda‘s Cairo Time, in which she experiences a leisurely affair with the Egyptian city and (platonically) with her husband’s friend, finding a low-key connection over the din of the traffic. I like things to be demanded of me and this part required everything of me. Me: What drew you to this script aside from the demands and the glory? [Laughs.] Me: Do you like taking direction, though? It’s rewarding to work with someone who knows where they want to take their film every step of the way.

In 2015, she was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in The Elephant Man.

Clarkson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the daughter of Jackie Clarkson (née Brechtel), a New Orleans politician and councilwoman, and Arthur Clarkson, a school administrator who worked at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine.

Still standing at attention is Puppetry of the Penis, the most unusual show about an organ since Phantom of the Opera.

I’ve never wanted to be married, and I knew it at 14. I’ve had beautiful relationships with men, and I hope to continue to do so till I’m 100, but I could never live a conventional life. It’s the longest show in town, thanks to the standing ovation.


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