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Online dating dangers news

Although some e-men may be incapable of hurting a fly, they may still have obsessive tendencies or become violent if rejected.Despite the wider group of potential dating partners to choose from, for some reason, very many women end up with psychos masquerading as hopeless romantics without realising what they are getting into.After a small wedding in Kenya, Linda and Mike moved to Europe where the nightmare began.The truth hit her when she discovered that he ran a brothel and not only that, he forced her to trade her body for money after withholding her passport.The realisation that she’d fallen for a criminal’s trap came too late.The gentle, soft-spoken Mike was gone and in his place was a brutal man.Some even said they fell in love with me just by looking at my pictures.I was so excited to suddenly have so many men to choose from, so I keenly did my elimination and a month later, I was only left with six of them.

You may have noticed that most internet dating websites have several testimonials posted of how someone met their soul mate or spouse through their service.Looking back, I realise this was a red flag but I was too blinded to see – Mike was just too good to be true.When he proposed to me a few months later, I accepted without thinking twice considering this was just what I wanted.He came across as quite different and definitely more styled up than the men I’d dated before.What made him stand out was the fact that although he was successful and wealthy, he still respected me, showered me with attention and treated me like a lady.This was how I met my ex-husband Mike* who lived in Europe where he ‘did business’.Not only were our profiles and religious backgrounds totally in sync, Mike also had everything I was looking for in a man.Her parents blame themselves for having driven their daughter into a criminal’s arms but then again, the damage is already done...While chatting online, it’s impossible to get an accurate picture of other person.But what they won’t post are stories from people who met their nightmare match through these sites.Although these could act as warning signs for those trying out internet dating, the site owners decide to sweep this issue under the carpet leaving internet daters on their own.


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