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Online christian dating site reviews

Which I personally believe that I am just not meant for online schooling.

While I was not totally in love with how the material was presented what makes me really angry is Kaplan's Finance department.

Currently, my financial aid rebate/stipend check was mailed several weeks prior to when they said it would be, which is good news.

On the downside, Kaplan still uses paper checks instead of a direct deposit system, which I think it rather archaic for 2015.

At first I just assumed that this was a new school that was just starting out but I was in shock when I was told it wasn't.

I didn't attend Kaplan for longer than a semester due to the fact I absolutely couldn't absorb any of the information that was being taught.

I am currently getting ready to enter my last term with a 3.90 GPA. Every time we called they said we just "updated it" and to call back in 5 days. I attended Kaplan University online over two years ago.

Each week, my professor emails the class with an itemized list of weekly expectations, so it's nearly impossible to forget things.There are no huge files to download and all required texts for this current term and the next one I am registered for are available in ebook format (important to me, as I am currently abroad while completing this masters program; shipping is expensive and internet access limited).Every two weeks in my current class, we have a one-hour-long audio seminar, which is easy to access despite my slow and limited internet (important to note for others who might be in the field and interested in taking online classes).I am anal about checking my credit and have zero debt in collections at this time, I was baffled to see that I owed that much in collections and even more dumbfounded as to why I wasn't contacted by anybody for over a year.If you are late one a credit card payment they call you day and night how am I supposed to believe that they wouldn't call me about my balance. I have had at lest two people tell me that they will call me back and of course I get nothing. I absolutely would not recommend this college for the simple fact of they are seriously unorganized. The financial aide department lacks, but we all see that from the reviews.The admissions department was super nice and got me all signed up.During the classes I realized how unorganized this school actually was.I was told instead that I was a "nutritionist." I then enrolled in an actual accredited university and had to leave because I ran out of financial aid due to Kaplans tuition. I have attended Kaplan for the last year and a half, and I love this school.You are able to take more than two classes if they feel you can handle it, I have take more than three classes twice.My professor has always responded personally to all of my emails and there has been no confusion as far as the actual academics are concerned.I love that there is a standard policy for all Kaplan classes concerning late assignments, so you don't have to remember each professor's policy as you go through the program: you can turn things in one week late for a 10% reduction in grade, and two weeks late for a 20% reduction in grade.


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