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The Sims Studio was created in 2006, and between then and 2008 the development of the franchise was slowly handed over to the new studio from Maxis, with the former studio now focusing its resources on its next project—Spore.

The sequel, developed by The Sims Studio, was announced by EA in November 2006.

Players can either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build them themselves.

Each successive expansion pack and game in the series augmented what the player could do with their Sims.

Wright also took ideas from the 1977 architecture and urban design book A Pattern Language, American psychologist Abraham Maslow's 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation and his hierarchy of needs, and Charles Hampden-Turner's Maps of the Mind to develop a model for the game's artificial intelligence. Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, it was released for Microsoft Windows in February 2000.

The game uses dimetric projection and features open-ended simulation of the daily activities of one or more virtual persons ("Sims") in a suburban area near Sim City.

All PC releases in this generation were developed by Maxis.

The original game, all seven expansion packs, and the two exclusive deluxe edition content packs constitute the first generation of the series on the PC.

The games in The Sims series are largely sandbox games, in that they lack any defined goals (except for some later expansion packs and console versions which introduced this gameplay style).

The player creates virtual people called "Sims" and places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires.

The game is set 25 years prior the original game, and features an open, seamless neighborhood, improved tools for Sim creation, enhanced build and buy mode functions, and the introduction of wishes and goals.

The game also introduces a new form of directed gameplay through small, step-wise goals presented as opportunities which the player may choose to pursue or refuse.


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