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While many women have been unlucky enough to have been cheated on by someone they trusted, there are actually still plenty of men out there who do value monogamy and want to build a lasting and loving relationship.

But they shouldn’t allow it to let them lose faith in love!

Survey results reveal that online dating does not threaten monogamy, and it often times causes users to desire more serious relationships instead of continuous casual dates.

Online Dating Users Are Serious About Relationships: Nearly 65 percent of Coffee Meets Bagel users said they are primarily looking for a serious relationship from online dating, with an almost even amount of men and women responding accordingly.

Coffee Meets Bagel, a social dating site that utilizes its members’ social graphs to find daily matches, today announced the results of its survey on the effects that online dating has on singles.

According to the study, which analyzed user data from 80,000 American men, there are plenty of men who still treasure monogamy.

The men in the study were asked how much they agreed with the statement ‘I think monogamy is essential in a relationship’.

Being cheated on is horrible and unsurprisingly, it does make many people question the fidelity of men in general.

Perhaps it’s the unbeatable sunsets and beautiful scenery in the state that brings men’s romantic sides out as Scottsdale and Tucson secured the top spots for monogamy, making Arizona America’s most monogamous state for men. Elite Singles Psychologist Salama Marine gives her take on the matter: ‘Unfortunately, many women have been cheated on in the past which has led them to doubt the existence of men who believe in monogamy.


  1. According to the Relationship Counseling Center, entry into a monogamous relationship involves having a conversation about your expectations. Both partners are clear about their goals to support, be honest and date only each other. People who are in a committed relationship have a level of intimacy that is unavailable in.

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