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Monica leon dating who is josh groban dating now

Ray asks to find out about the girls' passions and it turns out that four of them love to be scantily clad, no matter what they're doing.

Later Ray takes all the girls out on a date and finds out a shocking secret about one girl's past.

After the three remaining girls were given a chance to meet all of Ray's friends and family, Ray decides he needs to flip the script and go and meet their families.

But the journey for Danger has become too much and she must leave the house before they go any further.

Things of course spiral out of control but a winning team emerges and they are treated to a special date where Ray learns even more about the other girls.

When the truth is laid bare, everyone is shocked by what they hear and nothing in the house will be the same.

At eliminations Ray explains that everyone has a past and instead of eliminating one for a checkered past she is celebrated for her honesty — but still another girl is sent home, but this time not for the usual reasons.

Ray's down to 9 girls, so he challenges them to see if they can be a part of his musical life with a Motown-inspired singing challenge!

The girls will be judged on singing ability, choreography, style and overall performance.


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