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Married dating in lincoln estates illinois

Davis served as Senate president pro tempore from 1881 to 1883, and was known unofficially as "Mr.

Vice President." He retired from the Senate in 1883 and spent the remainder of his life at Clover Lawn.

At his death, his estate was valued at between four to five million dollars-a huge fortune in his day.

of 2000, there were 12,359 people, 4,482 households, and 3,446 families residing in the village.

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In 1877, he resigned from the court after being elected to the United States Senate by the Illinois legislature.

As President, Lincoln appointed Davis as United States Supreme Court Justice in 1862.

Judge Davis commissioned French-born architect Alfred Piquenard (1826-1876) to design the Victorian-style mansion, primarily as a residence for his wife, Sarah Davis (1814-1879), who wanted to remain in Bloomington rather than move to Washington, D. Piquenard, one of the Midwest's leading architects of the time, could boast of several important commissions, including the state capitol buildings in Des Moines, Iowa and Springfield, Illinois.

This generation, which included David Davis, Sarah Davis and Abraham Lincoln, based its leadership upon a set of rules and values that might be called genteel.

The David Davis Mansion embodies and reflects those refined values.


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