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The 1063 is a base code refering to the map format used for those years by Rand Mc Nally, and the Letter preceeding the base code indicated the year the map was issued.

From 1939 to 1948 General Drafting was the map maker for SOHIO, then in 1949 SOHIO switched back to Rand Mc Nally and started with the new base code of 4903.

It is interesting to note that in 19 I have not found any maps produced by Rand Mc Nally for Oil Companies, it does not mean they do not exist, I have just not seen one.

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Next lets look at the 1967 base code of 6714, the 67 again represents the last two digits of the year the map format was created.

In 1970 there are two version of the map, a 706714-7 and a 706714-8, the 70 before the base code is the last two digits of the year the map was produced, and the 7&8 after the base code are the two revisions for the map made in 1970.


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