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Children who are raised in poverty are less likely to be enrolled in nursery or preschool.Though researchers are seeing improvements in achievement levels, such as a decrease in high school dropout rates (from 24% to 17%) and a steady increase in math and reading scores over the past 10 years, there are still issues that must be addressed.This early disparity in performance is critical, as research shows that once students are behind, they do not catch up.

Hart and Risley calculated a "30 million-word" gap between children of high school dropouts and those of professionals who are college educated.The graphs below show the achievement gap on this assessment between black and white students and between Hispanic and white students in the U. Results of the reading achievement test: Researchers have not reached consensus about the causes of the academic achievement gap; instead, there exists a wide range of studies that cite an array of factors, both cultural and structural, that influence student performance in school.Annette Lareau suggested that students who lack middle-class cultural capital and have limited parental involvement are likely to have lower academic achievement than their better resourced peers.A variety of different tests at kindergarten entry have provided evidence of such a gap, including the U. Department of Education’s Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey of Kindergarten children (ECLS-K).While results differ depending on the instrument, estimates of the black-white gap range from slightly less than half a standard deviation to slightly more than 1 standard deviation.Disadvantages in a child’s early life can cultivate into achievement gaps in their education.Poverty, coupled with the environment they are raised in, can lead to shortcomings in educational achievement.The achievement gap, as reported in trend data collected by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), has become a focal point of education reform efforts by a number of nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups.Attempts to minimize the achievement gap by improving equality of access to educational opportunities have been numerous but fragmented, such as affirmative action, multicultural education, finance equalization, The education of African Americans and some other minorities lags behind those of other U. ethnic groups, such as Whites and Asian Americans, as reflected by test scores, grades, urban high school graduation rates, rates of disciplinary action, and rates of conferral of undergraduate degrees.As a result, these children enter school with decreased word knowledge that can affect their language skills, influence their experience with books, and create different perceptions and expectations in the classroom context. Students from single-parent homes often find it difficult to find time to receive help from their parent.Similarly, some Hispanic students have difficulty getting help with their homework because there is not an English speaker at home to offer assistance.


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