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Mamas boy dating tv show

At a trailer park, Bosch and Edgar interview Delacroix about Arthur, asking after the boy's friends from the early 1990s, but Samuel becomes emotional when he sees a photograph of his son.

He questions what his daughter told the detectives, but identifies several of the boys in the picture as "Deuce," Pat (or Paul), and "Stokes." Bosch questions Samuel's failure to report Arthur missing, and Samuel breaks down crying before claiming that he "killed [his] boy." Bosch and Edgar place Delacroix under arrest.

Waits tells his mother that he wants to stay with her for the holidays; she agrees, and Waits offers to make dinner for her.

Bosch questions why Samuel would lie about committing a murder, but Sheila remains adamant that her father is innocent.

He also informs his son that George will be assigned a new partner during his next shift.

At the Brasher residence, Bosch arrives to find the house dark.

Mankiewicz turns off the television, questioning the wisdom of placing Pounds in charge of the Task Force before informaing Bosch that Christine Waters is waiting to speak with him.

In Billets's office, Bosch meets with Christine, who asks if Raynard Waits murdered Arthur; Bosch shares his suspicions that Waits was lying, suggesting instead that Arthur's death was more likely connected to the prolonged abuse he suffered.


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