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Maburaho dating

Cynicism the series is; the like sisters (or something else).

May require Exotic Extended Marriage if the marriage is literal.

Before Misumi can fully unhook, Saijou is at the door.

After all, the situation is there because he usually likes every girl to a degree and doesn't want to break anyone's heart or make them leave his company.

Because if you don’t have bare tits naked girls in sexy seductive poses, you have, uhm, bare tits naked girls in other sexy seductive poses. That is why this season feels like it has up the steaminess in its fanservice with almost every possible fanservice scene as fapping and wanking material that makes it hard for any straight guy to resist.

And to think I thought maybe this season would have some sort of serious flashback and plot that tells us a bit more about the characters because I was fooled by the opening credits animation to see the girls in their cute chibi form when they were kids. The only reasons this isn’t classified as hentai is because there are no real penetrations and clear shots of the female’s lower anatomy. So he is trying to maintain his sanity as a decent high school boy but with a sexually charged self-proclaimed future wife, it is going to be hard to keep his libido in check sometimes.

I should have known better myself what this show is supposed to be from start to finish. But still, super great fanservice and even more so when you have the girls’ giant boobs bounce so freely and easily like jelly or sponge. With these seductive fanservice teasing, sometimes I find it hard and can’t blame Izumi for getting mad or he just turns into a demon and ‘attacks’ Ui. And if he doesn’t, he is gay (although, none points this accusation yet).

The fanservice level gives you all sorts of imaginations and makes you crave if you could ever do this to your girlfriend, vice versa. How nice almost everybody (especially you Misumi) wants to blame and paint him as a sexual assault monster. As for Ui, I wonder if this kind of sexy seducing is her way of deepening their relationship because every guy would love to have a chick like that.


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